arbitration">International arbitration is a method of resolving disputes outside the courts. In this practice, the parties involved agree to be bound by the decision of an independent arbitrator or panel. This practice is crucial for settling commercial and investment disputes that cross international borders. Entities involved in international arbitration include multinational corporations, private investors, and sovereign states. They often seek arbitration for its neutrality, enforceability, and expertise in complex legal and industry-specific issues. 

Transnational Matters is a leading arbitration">international arbitration and cross-border disputes law firm representing multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, investor states, and individuals in arbitral fora around the world, including:

  • The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • The International Court of Justice (ICJ)
  • The International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)
  • The London Court of Arbitration">International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)
  • The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) 
  • The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)
  • The American Arbitration Association (AAA)
  • The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)
  • The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)
  • Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA-CPA)

Our firm is known for providing strategic representation combined with skilled negotiation through all aspects.

Transnational Matters: Miami International Arbitration Lawyers

We excel in providing innovative legal solutions for international disputes. Our firm is dedicated to navigating the complexities of global arbitration and litigation, setting us apart with our deep understanding of diverse legal systems and cultures. Based in Miami, we serve a broad spectrum of clients across key global markets, from multinational corporations to sovereign states. Our multilingual team, extensive experience in high-stakes cases, and commitment to achieving client objectives efficiently make us a preferred choice for cross-border legal challenges.

What Are the Benefits of International Arbitration?

A key advantage is its flexibility. Unlike national court systems, which involve complex procedural rules and legal machinations, the parties tailor the arbitration process to their specific needs and priorities. For example, the parties can choose the:

  • Place of arbitration
  • Number of arbitrators
  • Language to be used
  • Rules of procedure to be followed

Another benefit is that international arbitration is confidential. Unlike public court proceedings, arbitration hearings are held in private. This can be particularly important for businesses that must keep confidential and sensitive information from the public record. 

It also benefits individuals who wish to avoid the public scrutiny that comes with a court case. It is also quicker and more cost-effective as court cases often take years to resolve as litigation costs quickly mount. By contrast, this is typically completed within months at a significantly lower cost. 

One of the main advantages of international arbitration is the enforceability of arbitral awards. In many cases, the parties have entered into an agreement that includes a provision for enforcing an award. If one party fails to comply with the award, the other party can seek to have it enforced by the courts. This is particularly valuable for parties operating across multiple jurisdictions because it provides a dispute resolution method recognized and enforced in many countries.

In short, this is an attractive option for investor states, businesses, and individuals. It provides a flexible, confidential, and efficient process for resolving disputes, which can be particularly useful for those who operate across multiple jurisdictions. Ultimately, navigating the process takes the advice and counsel of a skilled international arbitration attorney.

Meet The Transnational Matters International Arbitration Team

Our team is our greatest asset. Led by Davy Aaron Karkason, our attorneys possess extensive experience in international law and arbitration. Our global network includes experts like Srilal M. Perera, Alexandra Pagan Garcia, and Kevin Liu, who bring deep knowledge from their respective jurisdictions. We ensure comprehensive, high-quality legal services, supported by skilled professionals like COO Debbie Margarita and law clerk Christina Wittmeier. Our collective expertise and commitment to excellence set us apart in resolving complex international disputes.

How Our International Arbitration Law Firm Can Help

We specialize in international arbitration, providing critical support by navigating the complexities of cross-border disputes. We have comprehensive expertise in drafting effective dispute resolution clauses and managing the entire arbitration process under various international rules (e.g., ICC, LCIA, ICSID). Transnational Matters represents clients in high-stakes disputes involving commercial or investment treaties, ensuring an impartial and enforceable outcome. Our global presence and multilingual team allow us to handle cases involving multiple jurisdictions and legal systems, providing tailored strategies that align with our client’s objectives.

To successfully represent a client in an international arbitration process, we take several key steps:

1. Initial Assessment: Evaluate the dispute’s merits, jurisdictional issues, and applicable arbitration agreements.

2. Selecting Arbitrators: Choose impartial and experienced arbitrators suitable for the case.

3. Drafting and Filing Claims: Prepare and submit a detailed statement of claim outlining the case’s facts and legal grounds.

4. Procedural Planning: Establish a clear procedural framework, including timelines and rules for evidence submission.

5. Discovery and Evidence: Gather and exchange relevant documents, witness statements, and expert reports.

6. Hearings: Present the case through oral arguments, witness examinations, and expert testimonies.

7. Award and Enforcement: Obtain the arbitral award and, if necessary, pursue its enforcement across relevant jurisdictions.

We provide expertise in each step, ensuring strategic and efficient dispute resolution.

Why Choose Transnational Matters Over Other International Arbitration Law Firms?

Because international arbitration is so complex and requires a deep understanding of both international law and the laws of the countries involved in the dispute, having the informed representation and bold global advocacy our firm provides is essential. You can depend on our international arbitration lawyers to help you navigate this complex legal landscape. 

Jurisdictions we serve

From drafting well-conceived arbitration clauses to representing clients in institutional and ad hoc arbitral proceedings and helping to enforce and challenge arbitration awards, Transnational Matters is the trusted choice in international arbitration. We have successfully represented clients in jurisdictions around the world, including:

  • Miami 
  • New York
  • Washington D.C.
  • Mexico City
  • Paris
  • Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • The Hague
  • Geneva
  • Istanbul
  • Dubai
  • Shanghai
  • Bogota 
  • London

In addition to these locations, we also have offices in the following cities:

Above all, we bring a deep understanding of cultural and linguistic differences to international arbitration, which can help bridge any communication gaps and ensure that all parties understand the legal issues involved in the dispute. Let us guide you through the entire process.

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