Transnational Matters provides strategic representation to clients facing international litigation. Our firm is highly sought after by investor states, multinational businesses, and individuals to negotiate and litigate the most complex cross-border disputes in jurisdictions worldwide. 

From contract disputes to conflicts involving intellectual property rights, competition law, investment law, and international trade law, our skilled international litigation attorneys have an impressive record of achieving positive outcomes. 

While we often work to resolve disputes through negotiation and transnational arbitration, our trial-ready lawyers are well-equipped to handle international litigation. Contact our Miami office today to discuss your case in confidence.

Transnational Matters: International Litigation Lawyers

We offer several key advantages when it comes to International Litigation:

Unrivaled Global Expertise:

Transnational Matters has a comprehensive global presence, offering seamless representation in multiple jurisdictions. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling cross-border disputes in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Strategic Approach and Proven Success:

Our firm employs strategic thinking and meticulous preparation, consistently delivering successful outcomes in high-stakes international litigation. With a strong track record, we are recognized leaders in managing complex, multijurisdictional cases.

Tailored, Client-Focused Services:

We prioritize personalized legal strategies, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s needs. Our multilingual and culturally adept team ensures effective communication and representation, enhancing client confidence and satisfaction.

From pre-litigation advice to robust representation in national courts and international tribunals, we cover all aspects of international litigation. Our expertise spans commercial fraud, intellectual property, white-collar crimes, and more, ensuring holistic legal support.

Choose Transnational Matters for unparalleled expertise, strategic excellence, and client-centered legal solutions that distinguish us from other international litigation firms.

Understanding International Litigation

Given the complexities of international litigation, having the trustworthy advice and counsel Transnational Matters provide is essential. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in domestic and foreign courts when negotiation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) fails to resolve cross-border disputes. 

A key challenge of international litigation is determining which court has jurisdiction over the case because parties are often from different countries, and different legal systems have different rules for determining jurisdiction. Generally, jurisdiction is based on:

  • Where the dispute occurred
  • Where the parties are located
  • Where the contract was executed

Another challenge of international litigation is enforcing judgments across borders. Even if a party wins a judgment in one country, enforcing that judgment in another country is challenging because of differences in legal systems and procedures for enforcing judgments. 

Our experienced international litigation attorneys can help you navigate these complex jurisdictional issues and enforcement challenges. We understand the legal systems and cultures of multiple countries and work collaboratively with international law firms, local foreign counsel, and other professionals across borders to achieve positive outcomes in judicial forums around the world.  

International Treaties and Laws Involved in International Litigation

International litigation involves complex treaties, laws, and regulations at both the national and international levels, such as:

  • The New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (The New York Convention) provides for the recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards.
  • The Hague Convention provides for the service of legal documents between parties in different countries, establishes procedures for serving documents in foreign countries, and ensures that parties receive proper notice of legal proceedings.
  • The Brussels Regulation is a European Union regulation that governs jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters between EU member states. 
  • The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) is a US law that governs the jurisdiction of US courts over foreign sovereigns, sets out the circumstances under which foreign governments can be sued in US courts, and provides immunity for certain acts of foreign sovereigns.
  • The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes Convention (ICSID) provides for the arbitration of disputes between investor States and sets out the procedures for conducting those arbitrations.
  • The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) protects human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe and provides a mechanism for individuals to bring claims against governments for violations of their rights.

Our attorneys are well-versed in these and other treaties and laws involved in international litigation and have a proven history of achieving successful outcomes across multiple jurisdictions.

Meet your International Litigation Lawyers

The team at Transnational Matters excels in international litigation by leveraging their extensive experience, diverse backgrounds, and multilingual capabilities. With expertise in areas such as commercial fraud, intellectual property, and white-collar crimes, they provide strategic, tailored legal solutions. Their global reach and deep local insights ensure effective navigation of complex cross-border disputes, delivering successful outcomes for clients.

Why Choose Transnational Matters?

Navigating the complex international litigating landscape is challenging for sovereign nations, businesses, and individuals. That’s where Transnational Matters can assist you. Our attorneys bring extensive legal knowledge and experience to each case and leverage our communication and negotiation skills to work with clients, judges, and other attorneys from different countries and cultural backgrounds. 

Our deep understanding of the cultural norms and practices of multiple countries can help you to navigate these differences and communicate effectively with the other parties involved in the dispute. At Transnational Matters, our attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of various procedural requirements involved in international litigation, such as serving legal documents in foreign countries or enforcing judgments across borders.

Our firm has access to local resources, such as expert witnesses, translators, and other professionals who can assist in building a solid case, which is crucial in cases where language or cultural barriers exist. Above all, you can trust us to provide strategic advice on how to proceed and help you make informed decisions about settlement offers and other dispute resolution options.

Contact Our Experienced International Litigation Attorneys

Whether through negotiation, arbitration, or international litigation, Transnational Matters works to help clients navigate the challenges of cross-border disputes, protect their rights and interests, and achieve their objectives. Contact us today to arrange a confidential consultation.