Technology and AI is evolving daily. There is little to no law or cases on these matters, since they are so new and are developing constantly. However, with our background in pen testing, programming language, coding and more, we have well-rounded knowledge and experience with our clients regarding these matters.


We are proud to represent new and aspiring entrepreneurs in their journeys to developing, launching and managing start-ups of all kinds. We strive to assist and provide special rates for these innovative entrepreneurs.


Financial technology, or fintech, refers to any technological software or applications coded and implemented to improve and automate traditional forms of finance. Fintech enhancements and services are developed daily and are in high demand for current businesses. We ensure all proposed contracts are fair and that any technology, especially regarding consumer finances, abide by current rules and regulations.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data are regarded as the “ABCD” of fintech.

AI project ventures

There are many new incredible ventures that focus on artificial intelligence (AI.) From holograms to robotics, existing companies are trying to keep up. For our clients using AI, we diligently ensure that everything is done legally, protects all parties, and abides by current rules, regulations and policies. While there are no federal or international AI compliance codes and regulations (yet!), we work with various partners in this realm, to avoid legal implications.

Venture Capitals

Venture capital is a form of private equity and are investments for start-ups and small businesses. We represent venture capitalists, ensuring their interests are protected, and that all contracts are negotiated until agreed upon. 

Angel & Family Office Investments

Many investors, including angel and family offices from around the globe, are seeking to invest in the new up-and-coming tech start-ups. We work with their investment managers to ensure their contracts, agreements, and investment processes are legal and in the best interest of our clients.