Business Litigation
Business and commercial litigation are complex areas of law that require extensive knowledge and experience to navigate...
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in a courtroom, a plaintiff and defendant sit opposite each other as a judge listens attentively.
Civil Litigation
Civil Litigation Navigating the Maze of Civil Litigation: Your Guide Awaits.
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Cross Border Disputes
Cross-border disputes often arise when businesses or individuals engage in transactions or business activities across international jurisdictions....
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Cyber Law
Every organization relies on sensitive business and personal information about clients, business partners, contractors, patients, donors, and...
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Florida Matters Attorney
Contact Our Experienced Attorneys You can depend on Transnational Matters to provide powerful representation...
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Foreign & Domestic General Counsel Services
Running a successful business is no small feat. In addition to facing operational and competitive challenges, a...
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Industries We Serve
Agriculture Energy Government Investments
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Innovative Matters
Technology and AI is evolving daily. There is little to no law or cases on these matters,...
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International Arbitration Attorney
Transnational Matters is a leading international arbitration and cross-border disputes law firm representing multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations,...
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International Litigation
Transnational Matters provides strategic representation to clients facing international litigation. Our firm is highly sought after by...
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International Trade Law
International trade is essential to the global economy and promotes economic growth and development. However, cross-border transactions...
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Investment Disputes
Transnational Matters regularly advises clients on international investment disputes, law, arbitration, treaties and contracts, and foreign direct...
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Real Estate Law
The practice of real estate law encompasses a wide range of legal matters related to property, including...
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space with the stars
Space Arbitration
Aerospace & Space Space commerce (yes, outer space among the stars and...
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