By Davy Karkason
Founding Attorney

The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) is an international organization that provides a forum for the settlement of investment disputes between governments and foreign investors. The World Bank established it as an autonomous body under its auspices in 1966, and it is now based in Washington D.C. Over 150 countries have signed its Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes, making it one of the most widely accepted and respected arbitration bodies in the world. In this blog, we will explore what ICSID offers to both governments and foreign investors. 

What Does ICSID Do? 

The primary purpose of ICSID is to provide a neutral venue for resolving disputes between states and foreign investors who have made a significant investment in those states. Independent arbitrators appointed by both parties conduct its proceedings under rules designed to ensure fairness and impartiality. This makes it an attractive option for parties looking for an effective means of resolving their dispute without resorting to costly litigation or public court proceedings. 

ICSID can address disputes such as expropriation, unfair treatment, unlawful deprivation, non-discriminatory measures taken by a host state, denial of justice, or breach of contract, among other things. Furthermore, ICSID also provides assistance to parties seeking to settle their disputes through amicable means such as mediation or negotiation before they resort to arbitration proceedings. 

Why Choose ICSID? 

One major benefit of using ICSID is that it has a large pool of experienced arbitrators from all around the world who can provide impartial judgments on any dispute brought before them regardless of complexity or size. It also has a wide range of procedural rules which are designed specifically to ensure fairness in proceedings while providing cost-effective solutions for both parties involved. Additionally, its decisions are binding on all signatory countries which sets it apart from other forms of arbitration or dispute resolution mechanisms available today. 

In addition, if a foreign direct investor’s assets have been misappropriated or mistreated by the State where they invested in, he or she can seek a remedy by filing an action with the ICSID so long that the host State has consented to the Tribunal under the proper Bilateral Investment Treaty or in any other treaty.

For more information on ICSID, visit International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (worldbank.org)


In conclusion, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) provides an effective means for settling investment disputes between states and foreign investors without resorting to costly litigation or public court proceedings. Its extensive pool of experienced and qualified arbitrators ensures fair outcomes while its procedural rules ensure cost-efficiency throughout the entire process. For Foreign direct investors, multinational companies or International Corporation looking to settle international investments disputes quickly and effectively without sacrificing legal rights or financial resources, ICSID offers a viable solution worth considering.  Please visit International Investment Disputes Lawyer – Transnational Matters

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