By Davy Karkason
Founding Attorney

Transnational Matters PLLC team has been engaged to represent our client in a CIETAC arbitration in China for damages of more than a hundred thousands of dollars caused by a manufacturer. Our partner Kevin Liu is leading the team through this arbitration. We have been working on the case for more than a month and are confident that we will be able to obtain an award in our client’s favor. With the help of our team’s expertise, we are confident that we will achieve a successful outcome for our client. We understand that the stakes are high and look forward to working with our partner Kevin Liu.

About the Author
As a lawyer and the founder of Transnational Matters, Davy Aaron Karkason represents numerous international companies and a wide variety of industries in Florida, the U.S., and abroad. He is dedicated to fighting against unjust expropriation and unfair treatment of any individual or entity involved in an international matter. Mr. Karason received his B.A. in Political Science & International Relations with a Minor in Criminal Justice from Nova Southeastern University. If you have any questions about this article you can contact Davy Karkason through our contact page.