By Davy Karkason
Founding Attorney

Miami, Florida – Congratulations to Transnational Matters’ research assistant, Adjunct Professor Myah Havertong, who was invited to travel to Philadelphia for the 2023 American Society of Criminology Conference this week. This week-long event is one of the country’s biggest conferences in which experts from across the nation present their research on various topics of criminology.

According to program chair Jill McCorkel, the American Society of Criminology decided to host this year’s conference in Philadelphia, because “Contemporary Philadelphia is at the epicenter for the struggle to end mass incarceration.”

Professor Havertong was appointed to chair the segment, “Guns and Other Weapons: Attitudes, Trafficking, and Prevention.” Under this segment, Professor Havertong will introduce the following presentations:

  1. “Assessing of the Role of Individual Characteristics on the Association Between Gun Carrying and Gun Use,” which features the research of Sultan Altikriti, Emmanuel College and Eric J. Connolly, Sam Houston State University.
  2. “Illicit Firearms Trafficking: An Exploratory Analysis Based on Text Analytics and Open Source Data,” featuring Marina Mancuso, Ernesto Savona, Maria Jofre, and Caterina Paternoster, all hailing from Italy’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
  3. “Young Adults’ Perceptions of Causes and Public Health Consequences of Gun Violence,” featuring Suman Kakar, Florida International University and Sanjeev Sirpal, University of Montreal.
  4. “Do Individual Characteristics Determine Weapon Choice and Degree of Violence,” featuring the research and findings of Adjunct Professor Myah Havertong and Kristen M. Zgoba, both from Florida International University.

The team at Transnational Matters congratulates Professor Havertong for the distinct honor of chairing and presenting at the 2023 American Society of Criminology Conference. Her continuous dedication to this realm with research contributes to global advancement of the science of criminology.

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