Tasnim Elhoussary


Mrs. Tasnim Elhoussary is a licensed real estate agent in Florida and serves as a paralegal for Transnational Matters’ international cross-border cases. Mrs. Elhoussary is fluent in English, German, and Arabic. She has a deep understanding of the legal processes involved in real estate transactions, contract negotiations, and more. Mrs. Elhoussary’s experience as a paralegal, combined with her expertise in real estate law and multilingual abilities makes her well-suited to help clients achieve their goals and to navigate legal complexities. 

“Transnational Matters gave me the opportunity to contribute to a platform with a global audience. On this team, I have access to diverse viewpoints that helped me develop a more nuanced understanding of complex issues. I establish strong relationships with clients and ensure their concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Whether assisting with the purchase or sale of a property, resolving disputes between parties, or negotiating favorable terms for my clients, I am dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for those I serve.”

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